Our Projects

We have realized for quite some time now, the importance of re-introducing sustainable farming back into our society; nationally and globally. We strongly believe, based on the facts, empirical evidence, and history that this technique can AND will greatly contribute to healing our planet while providing economic stability to our community as a whole.


Our platforms, initiatives and concepts utilizing regenerative, biodynamic and sustainable farming will accomplish several objectives from spreading awareness, instilling attainable solutions in communities, creating employment opportunities and stimulating economies all the while generating significant revenue for Tindakan to support proactive organizations and projects that are making true, direct change on the ground.


What we envision is a prodigious undertaking and it’s something we cannot do alone nor want to as we look at how societal shifts have come about from groundswells of diverse yet unified energy… a coming together of all walks of life to manifest enduring and powerful movements. That’s what Tindakan aims to do in consortium with these amazing organizations, eco-socially conscious entities, and people with whom we have aligned.