Focusing on the Future

Analysis by the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) determined that the ways we produce and consume food and use our land currently cost $12 trillion per year in damage to our environment, health and development. If we do nothing, this will amount to more than $16 trillion each year by 2050.

As a solution to this startling problem, Tindakan Innovations partnered up with Transfarmation; a project created by internationally renowned Mercy for Animals (MFA). The Transfarmation Project offers an avenue for farmers to participate in this rebuilding, to become a part of the solution and leave the problem behind.


Together, we will support farmers to transition out of animal agriculture and into sustainable farming; growing crops used for plant-based products, thereby resulting in a better future for farmers and their families, for consumers, for animals and for the planet. We are currently working with three farmers with the equivalent of over 500 acres of land. By the end of 2021 we aim to have over 10 farmers on board cultivating on over 5,000 acres.

Transfarmation will identify farmers within the animal ag industry who are wanting to transition into sustainable agriculture. They begin the staging process to shift them over. In coordination with MFA, T.I. provides training, logistical support, consultation, etc., to get farmers moving in a feasible and successful direction. Via the Transfarmation Project, T.I. works with the farmer to establish a plan that adheres to their capacity and abilities. T.I. also works with the farmer to sell their harvest in a variety of ways or through a combination of the following: 

   •  T.I. directly buys the harvest

   •  T.I. identifies buyers for the farmers

Farmers within the Transfarmation project must adhere and agree to work under the protocol established by Transfarmation and T.I. This includes but is not limited to biodynamic/regenerative practices and principles along with a naturally and organically growing regiment. If the farmer follows the Transfarmation criteria and requirements, farmers will receive the Transfarmation seal to be placed on their harvest acknowledging their triple bottom line transition to regenerative agriculture.