Consulting and Logistical Services

Tindakan Innovations offers consulting and logistical support services designed for small farms navigating legislation, regulations, genetics, harvesting and processing.


Hemp cultivation can be overwhelming, not to mention costly, particularly when mistakes are made. That is why we are here. Tindakan Innovations advises farmers on established best practices from seed to sale. Our commitment is to help you determine
your immediate business needs, long term goals and eliminating those costly missteps.


We will develop an optimal equipment list for all hemp cultivation operations based on the budget and needs of the operation and will develop an equipment list for cultivation facility equipment based on the farm layout, production capabilities and other agronomic inputs.


As a member of Transfarmation, you will have access to:


• One-on-one phone advisory sessions and a detailed project plan


• Access to our experts and sales outlets


• Logistical support including on the ground support*


• Weekly email updates and checklist

As you formulate your long-term business model, we're right there with you answering all of your important questions:


• Assessing what type of hemp crop is best for my business goals? (CBD, Fiber, Food)


• Determining a practical plan and strategy for perpetual success and security


• Assuring your crop meets State/Federal regulations


• Helping to sell your harvest and identifying the obstacles to be aware of


• Assisting on the intricacies of farming, harvest, and processing components

Our consultation program is designed to integrate our knowledge and support with you and your team to help give a solid and secure guide from seed to final sale. Our fees vary depending on location, scope of work and client experience and if you are a Transfarmation member.

In addition to our standard agriculture consulting, we also offer support for processing. As a Transfarmation member we can help you sell biomass, flower and oil from crude, distillate and isolate. Additionally, our support doesn’t end after you have harvested your first crop! We offer ongoing support for your operation and are there whenever you need us.

Farm Layout Design Activities

Greenhouse and Agricultura Site Design


•  We will design a functioning, scalable layout for hemp production based on geography of land or greenhouse footprint.


•  Cultivation design plan will be developed using our knowledge and experience to design utilizing commercial horticulture/agricultural best practices.


•  The site will be designed via a scalable model to optimize growth strategies and while streamlining operations to maximize workflow.


•  Assistance in getting soil and water sample analysis with detailed reports.


•  We will assist you in completing and submitting the application for a growing license ensuring all  requirements and protocols are met.


•  We will assist with application questions and requirements and help submit responses.